WHAT'S in a NAME? Quite a bit, actually.

Lisa Hall is the name I was born with. A marriage and two kids later found me with another last name. Years later I became single again, and it's amazing to live life happily again. The best thing I've done for myself is to return my roots! I love embracing my family name, honoring my heritage and where I come from. My intent and my purpose is to live a fulfilling life through creativity and service, and to remain true to myself.
LATE to BLOSSOM...But Awesome!

I started college at Utah Valley University, then dropped out to get my "Mrs." degree. (I don't recommend this - get that degree first.) Twenty-seven years later I returned to college at Salt Lake Community college as a much older, but much WISER student.

With so much life experience under my belt, as well as a true-life work ethic, I charged back into the academic world, earning straight A's
in every course! Nine months after I returned to school I was able to transfer completed credits back to UVU. It was time to finish up that degree I'd started there so many years ago. I proudly GRADUATED from UVU with my Associate's Degree in University Studies in May 2017!

SLCC continues to be "home" while I continue to work on my degree in Graphic Design. I anticipate ANOTHER graduation in December of 2018!
The GOOD stuff:

Strengths | Skills | Experience: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Perfectionism in Artistry, Competetive in Excellence

Some Down Time Favorites: Picnicking, Hiking, Sight-Seeing, DIY-ing, Crafting, Social Media Surfing, Ice Cream Eating,
Netflix-Bingeing, Reading, Sleeping, Learning